Visiting A Nude Beach For the First Time: My 60 Minutes as a Naturist


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If the sign outside of Haulover Beach had been any more nonchalant, we might have missed it: “Attention: Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers.”

Even more casual was the transition from clothed to nude beach.  As we walked up the sandy path towards the beach, we encountered our first penis mixed in with bikinis and swim trunks.

Then, all of a sudden: There were just a few bikinis and swim trunks mixed in with an array of penises and boobs.

I had been excited to cross this Before-I-Turn-30 item off of my Bucket List.  But the cavalier approach to nudity sent me into a temporary panic.

Holy cow.  There are more penises flopping around than an orgy scene in a porno. There are more bare asses than the locker room at the Superbowl. 

And while there were a few women on the beach who had also decided to bare it all, there was a clear difference between the representation of men and women.

I wondered why the amount of men wanting to set their penises free was so much higher than the number of women wanting to liberate their vaginas.

I grabbed on to my boyfriend’s arm nervously as we searched for the perfect place to plop down.  We restlessly wandered almost all of the way to the end of the beach before we realized that the proportion of men to women was becoming more unbalanced, not less.

I can’t be the only woman getting naked among all of these men.  Even if they are gay (as I was sure a bit of them were), I’ll still feel like some vulnerable piece of meat, laid out in front of hungry wolves.

We turned around and headed back to the start of the nude part of Haulover Beach, where we’d seen at least a few other women.  And while the proportion still leaned heavily toward men (and most of the women had opted just to go topless and not all the way nude), I definitely felt more comfortable with the idea of getting naked.

We considered renting an umbrella to protect the parts of our skin that had never seen sunlight.  But $15 felt steep for the hour we were going to be there.

Instead, we found an older nude couple who had a huge umbrella and asked if we could sit under the edge of their umbrella.

They were happy to share.

The normalcy of the exchange was striking.

Sitting in the shade of Naked Older Hippie Couple’s umbrella with our bathing suits on, I felt my heart beat increase.

Am I really about to take off my clothes? I was all excited but now I feel like I’m going to throw up.  This is so surreal.

My boyfriend and I theorized who these people were and what their motivations were for being at a nude beach.  Were they perverts? Were they staunch advocates for the naturalist movement? How does one even end up on a nude beach?

Silence fell over us as we both looked around and pondered the inevitability of our mission. Continue reading

When Writer’s Block Got the Best of Me & How I Broke Free


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There’s a scene in Never Been Kissed where the main character Josie, who is a writer, receives such great news that she becomes speechless.  She has no words.

“That’s never happened to me!” she squeals excitedly. “Words are my life!”

Well, I found myself waking up to that same realization recently. Only, the speechlessness wasn’t momentary, it lasted for over a year. And the cause wasn’t something amazing happening in my life, it was the dreaded writer’s block finding another victim.

The realization that I had somehow gone months without feeling inspired to express anything, much less put the pen to paper, made me panicked.  All of a sudden, I felt like Ariel in the Little Mermaid, helpless without her voice.

Yet, for all my desire to get something out, I couldn’t quite figure out what that something was supposed to be.  I didn’t feel like I had anything to say and yet something inside of me begged to let it out. The dichotomy had me frozen in confusion.

“Writer’s block,” my cousin say. “Write about that.”

Hmm, what a novel idea.  Frankly, I had always assumed writer’s block was something that only lasted a few days or, at most, a couple of weeks. And I had always assumed that it only came up when one was working on a specific piece. I didn’t think it came up between works.

But as I dug deeper (ha, Wikipedia. I went to Wikipedia), I learned that writer’s block describes a condition where either a writer experiences a drop in creativity during the writing process (what I thought) or a writer is unable to produce new work at all. And evidently, it can be so bad that it can prevent writers from producing any new work for years!

Even more interesting were the causes behind writer’s block. Some of them include:

  • A writer running out of inspiration or becoming distracted by other life events.
  • Creativity being blocked by stressful circumstances in the writer’s life, such as depression, the end of a relationship or financial problems.
  • The author’s creativity drying up in response to the pressure to produce something – anything!
  • The writer feeling so intimidated by their past successes that they’re rendered impotent.

And I absolutely loved this excerpt from Wikipedia: “James Adams notes in his book, Conceptual Blockbusting, various reasons blocks occur include fear of taking a risk, “chaos” in the pre-writing stage, judging versus generating ideas, an inability to incubate ideas, or a lack of motivation.”

I started reflecting a bit on what was really causing my creativity blockage. Why have I only been able to write one blog in the last 13 months? Why do I have three unfinished drafts of blogs right now? What happened to the opinionated, introspective, mindful woman I used to be?

It wasn’t long before I started recalling some thoughts that I have had before, during or after any recent attempts to write:

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12 Things I Plan to Do Before Turning 30


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Welcome to the Seeker’s Passage!

I’m so excited to be starting this blog on the eve of my 29th birthday. I previously had a blog that chronicled my mid-20s but decided it was time to step over to a blog that could travel with me through my late 20s and beyond!

I hope this blog is a bit of a continuation of the mission I started on my first blog, which is to “find my way and share my finds.” For that reason, you’ll find the same ambitious lifetime Bucket List as before.  But I also hope this blog evolves as I do.

So thanks for sharing this journey with me!

For my initial post, I thought it would be fitting to post my Before-I-Turn-30 Bucket List.  I scoured the Internet for the best recommendations of experiences you should have before your turn 30.

Some of them were deep like “Learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally” and “Forgive Your Parents,” which is beautiful but, A) Not necessarily something tangible you can do and then check off forever and B) Not necessarily something you would want to limit within the confines of a date on the calendar.

So I stuck with the items that I can feasibly and physically do this year.

I must say, I was pleased with how I have already accomplished a lot of the suggested goals at some point in my 20s. Continue reading